The Many Names of Bareilly: A Tapestry of Faith

Bareilly is adorned with a myriad of epithets, including "Nath Nagari," owing to its religious significance and the presence of seven revered Nath Temples. These sacred temples draw countless devotees during the auspicious Savan Month, from July to August, as pilgrims undertake long journeys carrying Kanwars filled with holy Ganga water to offer to Lord Shiva in these divine abodes. The seven Nath Temples - Alakh Nath, Madhi Nath, Trivati Nath, Pashupati Nath, Dhopeshwar Nath, Vankhandi Nath, and Tapeshwar Nath - stand as symbols of spiritual devotion.

Nath Nagri in Bareilly

"Empowering Individuals: World Health Day 2024"

This year, World Health Day's theme, "My Health My Right," emphasizes the fundamental right of every individual to access healthcare. From promoting preventive measures to advocating for equitable healthcare systems worldwide, this day serves as a reminder to prioritize health as a universal right.

World Health Day 2024

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A Name Revered Worldwide: Ala Hazrat Nagri

For its Muslim inhabitants, Bareilly is lovingly known as "Ala Hazrat Nagri." They recognize it as the esteemed seat of Peace be Upon Him Ahmad Raza Khan, affectionately called Ala Hazrat and Taj-Au-Shariah. The annual Urs-e-Taj-au-Shariah, also known as Urs-ae-Razvi, commemorates the revered personality, attracting millions of followers to participate in the event.

Dargah Alah Hazrat in Bareilly

Pioneering Military Presence and Air Power

Beyond its cultural and religious significance, Bareilly boasts strategic importance with major army units like the Jat Regimental Centre and the headquarters of Uttar Bharat Area and 6 Mountain Division. The Trishul Air Force Base, one of the Indian Air Force's largest bases, further reinforces the city's military eminence.

Military Presence and Air Power in Bareilly

Bollywood, Fashion, and Recreation: A Multifaceted Urban Hub

Bareilly proudly contributes to Bollywood's creative realm and excels in fashion designing, particularly in Priyanka chopra, Zari Zardozi works, Kar chobhi Work, Kites, and various other crafts. Public spaces like Phoenix Mall and Fun City offer recreational opportunities, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Bollywood, Fashion, and Recreation in Bareilly

Education and Healthcare Hub

Bareilly's status as an educational and healthcare hub is underscored by institutions like Rohilkhand University,Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) , and Central Avian Research Institute (CARI) . The city's medical fraternity reflects its commitment to quality healthcare, with over 900 Allopathic and Dental Medical Professionals and 280 Ayurvedic and Alternate Medical Practitioners registered with IMA, NIMA, and IDA.

Education and Healthcare Hub in Bareilly


A Hub of Industrial Eminence

The Parsakhera Industrial Area showcases Bareilly's industrial prowess, housing leading companies such as BL Agro Industries, Coca-Cola Plant (Brindavan Beverages Private Limited),Vadilal Industries (Icecream Plant) , The Indian Turpentine and Rosin Company, and Bharat Petroleum Gas Plant, among others. The city is also home to Khandelwal Edibles Oil, NP Agro India, and Marya Frozen Plant.

Industrial Hub in Bareilly

Towards a Futuristic Vision: A Smart City Rising

Bareilly takes pride in being the 17th-ranked smart city in India, demonstrating its commitment to progress and urban development. The transformative initiatives by the Bareilly Development Authority have led to the redevelopment of local parks, urbanization, road beautification, demolition of illegal structures, and the development of Greater Bareilly and the Ram Ganga Nagar Yojna.

Ramganga Nagar Yojna

Nestled along the banks of the majestic Ramganga River, Bareilly is a vibrant metropolis in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh that beautifully blends its rich history, cultural heritage, and remarkable strides towards modernization. This bustling city, located 252 kilometers north of Lucknow and 250 kilometers east of New Delhi, holds immense significance as the seventh-largest metropolis in Uttar Pradesh and the 50th-largest city in India, with a thriving population of over 4.4 million.

Ram Ganga River

Unraveling the Past: A Legacy of Heritage and Minting

Bareilly's roots are deeply embedded in history, as evidenced by the archaeological marvels found in the region. The ancient fortress city of Ahichchhatra, once the capital of Northern Panchala, has been discovered near the picturesque village of Ramnagar in Aonla Tehsil. This center for minting has left an indelible mark on the city's historical significance.

Ahichchhatra in Bareilly

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A Place of Myths and Legends: Birthplace of Draupadi

According to the revered Mahābhārata, Bareilly, once known as Panchala, is considered the sacred birthplace of Draupadi, also known as 'Panchali.' Throughout history, the city has been ruled by illustrious dynasties, from the valiant Kshatriya Rajputs to the resplendent Muslim Turkic Delhi Sultanate and the majestic Mughal Empire.

An Epoch of Struggle: Bareilly in the Indian Rebellion of 1857

Bareilly played a significant role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, with the courageous Rohillas fiercely opposing British rule. The spirit of resistance and struggle during this time remains deeply etched in the collective memory of the city.

Hartman School in Bareilly

A Cultural Extravaganza: Fairs and Festivals Galore

Bareilly's cultural vibrancy comes alive through its numerous fairs and festivals, such as the Chaubari fair, Nariyawal fair, Uttarayani fair, and Dussehra fair. These events showcase the city's rich heritage and exuberant spirit, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Fairs and Festivals in Bareilly

Bareilly's Enchanting Allure

In essence, Bareilly is a city that gracefully embraces its heritage while marching forward towards a brighter future. Its diverse tapestry of history, culture, spirituality, industry, and warm-hearted people makes it an enchanting and dynamic destination in Uttar Pradesh. Whether you're drawn to its historic sites, religious fervor, industrial achievements, or cultural festivities, Bareilly promises an unforgettable experience that resonates with travelers from all walks of life.

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